Thursday, May 20, 2010

Blood Court Polo

Another introductory polo video, this one from Copenhagen.

Selected Filmography - Gustav Hoiland

Here are two of the more original cinematographic short clips I have seen on the subject of bike polo. They make use of tilt shift optics and some funky photoshopped selective desaturation.

These were previously posted on courtesy of Damon

Bike Polo Tilt-Shift: Boston Spring 2010 from Gustav Hoiland on Vimeo.

Bench Minor Bike Polo Tournament from Gustav Hoiland on Vimeo.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Twilight Polozone: Sunday 23rd May

By general consensus we will play our first night time polo on Sunday 23rd of May.

Play will begin in daylight from about 2pm. I will be there a little earlier to try and get the lighting rigged up.
Lights on from 5:30pm and play till late.

I havent organised it but there should be a BBQ there for a fry up. Chuck a gold coin or two in for meat/tofu , some bread and onions. BYOG and bring heaps of new and old players.

All cycling groups welcome, we will play some newby matches to hone your polo skillz in a slower game or three.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Twilight Polozone

I have managed to procure enough equipment to set up temporary lights for night time playing. It includes 2 generators and at least 2000watts of halogen lighting.

Rather than play a night on a different day of the week, it might be better to test it out on a Sunday evening. We can start at 2pm, switch to artificial from 5:30-6pm and play until the generators run dry (approximately 4 hours).

Which Sunday we choose needs to be decided. Maybe we could incorporate a BBQ dinner and send a big invite out to other groups and individuals to get some good numbers.

This Sunday looks a bit close, perhaps Sunday week (23rd May)?

Ideas, Suggestions, Comments!


There was some discussion last Sunday about certain aspects of the rules of polo.
One of these in particular was about stopping in front of another player. One written rule of polo is to not T-bone another player. This could be extended to include not stopping or riding in front of another player causing a T-bone situation. Whether you are controlling the ball or not a T-bone collision can be a dangerous at worst, annoying at best.

What do you think? Maybe we should trial this new/extended interpretation next Sunday and get some feedback. Comments welcome.

The other topic was about backswings. Lets keep the mallets down, folks. No higher than your handlebars. Short choppy shots and shuffles are often more effective in a tight space than big swinging glory shots.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

No Coverage

While organising the logistics for the trip to Berlin I was reading some of the fine print in the travel insurance and found this clause.

Dual [Duel] Brake

There are many dual brake set-ups floating around, everything from in-line splitters to stacked levers and twin cable levers but the one above has to be a favourite. Simple construction and no specialised parts [ok, the plate and pin are]. I am however a little concerned about the durability as the plate and its mounting are likely to flex due to the staggered brake activation.
What I really want it an integrated dual lever with one clamp mount and staggered, independent levers. 2 fingers for the rear and 1 for the front, I might even revisit my brief flirtation with a thumb lever. I'm sure there are options already the market but I'm not about to invest the google time right now [go forth and seek my trusty gear freaks!]
via Hard Court Bike Polo