Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Twilight Polozone

I have managed to procure enough equipment to set up temporary lights for night time playing. It includes 2 generators and at least 2000watts of halogen lighting.

Rather than play a night on a different day of the week, it might be better to test it out on a Sunday evening. We can start at 2pm, switch to artificial from 5:30-6pm and play until the generators run dry (approximately 4 hours).

Which Sunday we choose needs to be decided. Maybe we could incorporate a BBQ dinner and send a big invite out to other groups and individuals to get some good numbers.

This Sunday looks a bit close, perhaps Sunday week (23rd May)?

Ideas, Suggestions, Comments!


Dan said...

Nice work Neil!
I'd second the choice of the 23rd [time to organise and promote, dmac will be in town, and I'll be away the 30th].
Wondering whether we push back the start time further as to not tire everyone out early, and open up the sunday a little. I guess we could just be mindful of the extra time available and have a more relaxed pace [is that even possible?]

Neil said...

Yeah. 2pm would be ok if we had good numbers. In the past when we have had heaps of people it was a bit marginal for getting enough games in. We could do a 3pm start if most people were in favour of it though. With light we can always keep playing later. One person for a beer run, one for more unleaded petrol.

petrol + bikes + beer, hmmm, getting kind of hick aren't we?

Eeno said...

Thirding the choice for the 23rd.

Fix Without Dix said...

Fourthing the 23rd.

Dan said...

you're probably right with the 2pm start though, that's what most people still assume is the start time so we'd be better off leaving it as that rather than introducing a third time.
Hick? Us? Yeah I guess so..

Dmacuni said...

I fifth the suggestion!!! I'll be in town, looking forward to the "enlightening" polo session.
Hope ya'll having fun playing polo as we speak!!