Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Another New Location

For the last 4 weeks the courts that we usually play on have been locked by the city council in preparation for resurfacing. I am reluctant to keep playing there while they are still locked. Ultimately, I would like to push polo forward in legitimacy with the council and I believe by playing on a locked area we compromise that.
However, there is a another location that is just as convenient and may offer us a bit more space.

This Sunday, 1st Nov, we will trial the public courts behind Adelaide High School west of West Terrace

These multipurpose courts have a fence that will act as an edge and our portable edging will still work here. Grass and shade just outside the court gate.
This Sunday is also the first official event of Adelaidecyclists.com so we can expect a few more visitors and new players.
Bring your sunscreen and beverages, it could be a warm one.
See you there.