Wednesday, May 12, 2010


There was some discussion last Sunday about certain aspects of the rules of polo.
One of these in particular was about stopping in front of another player. One written rule of polo is to not T-bone another player. This could be extended to include not stopping or riding in front of another player causing a T-bone situation. Whether you are controlling the ball or not a T-bone collision can be a dangerous at worst, annoying at best.

What do you think? Maybe we should trial this new/extended interpretation next Sunday and get some feedback. Comments welcome.

The other topic was about backswings. Lets keep the mallets down, folks. No higher than your handlebars. Short choppy shots and shuffles are often more effective in a tight space than big swinging glory shots.

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urbanbicyclist said...

A "no stopping in front of other people" rule would provide a great excuse for t-boning people :)