Monday, May 24, 2010

Bike Polo VS. Roller Derby


Fix Without Dix said...

Shall I express a rant of disagreement with the author of that article? Why sure!!!!!

Here is goes:
1) Ummmm, I'm pretty sure shorts and tall socks are now the chosen uniform of polo (ok maybe that's just me, but it'll catch on soon enough) and tall socks are like the sexiest thing I know. AND come on boys on bikes are like wicked sexy right?
2)If anyone says roller derby is more dangerous they are just fucking stupid. First of all sdo you see all the padding they are required to wear? LAME! plus they have like a million ass rules that takes any fun I mean danger out of derby. soo BOOO to that conclusion
3) Are you really going to tell me derby is more baddass? I think my above points just equal how not baddass it is. I think the t-bone factor to polo (or the brakes not working and slamming into the edging) and just general shinangans of polo makes it habitually more baddass then derby. Plus, we drink waaaaay more thus sustaining more injuries.

So Sam's super awesome conclusions equal: Yeah, polo is way cooler then you. (which should be our new motto)

Eeno said...

Yeah I agree, riding a bike and swinging a mallet is way more badass than skating around in a circle. Still, fun article.