Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Polo OOooooooooo

Halloween polo,

Oooooo Oooooooo Booo

Themed teams,
Zombies Vs Survivors
Gordon Freeman vs Zombies
Fairies vs Gnomes

You name it we will try and do it.

I will bring the best prize ever given away.

Brought to you by the letter S

Friday, October 29, 2010

It's tournament time! Adelaide bike polo is turning two, so it's time for a celebration with a whole weekend of polo!
We'll be having some casual games and fun stuff on the saturday, some wild partying at night, and the official tournament will be on the sunday.
It will be a throw up tournament, so come along even if you have never played before and you'll get teamed up with some experienced players, or just come along anyway and we'll have some pickup games.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Party Saturday 30th

What the title says,
Thats right Halloween party and Tom and I's on the 30th at 7pm.
You have to wear a costume to get in...
Bring booze and snacks, we will have BBQ going hopefully.
There may be drunken street polo and knife fights.
Bring friends.
People can sleep over if needed...

Contacts Tom or Myself for address as needed.

See you there, and then see you at POLO on sunday...

Brought to you by letter S...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Polo Bike For Sale - Offers

I am trying to clear out some of the bits in my bike parts collection. Up for sale is this brand new polo bike made from second hand parts.
Made from quality 1010 crabon steel, (yes, now you can say you have a crabon polo bike!) the frame is of the "step-thru" design from the hippest taiwanese drawing boards. This crotchal safety feature makes unexpected dismounts a breeze or would suit the discerning lady player.

The bike also features a chrome plastic chainstay protector for that bit of bling which is complemented by the original rear wheel reflector for that streetwise peace of mind when you swerve home at night from post polo drinks.
Complete with polo specific "Straight-ND" fork, offset handlebars, dead true alumininminium (i.e. beer cans) rims and 28:19 drive ratio for extra speedy acceleration.
And for a short time this bike will also be offered with a complimentary rear V-Brake so you can also do some skidz.

The bike will be available for test rides at polo each Sunday until sold. Make me an offer!


Monday, October 18, 2010

Email Received from J. Arthur

Dear Sir,

Wish you to find with the best of health.

We are maker of Polo Sticks (Polo Mallets), Polo Balls, Polo Gloves, Polo Helmets, Polo Saddles & Polo Breeches.

We also can provide you Polo Sticks (Polo Mallets) In Tipa Heads.

If you are interested in our products, Kindly contact with us.

For further details about our products, you can visit our website

We anxiously await a favorable response from your side.

Truly Yours,

Chief Executive

Kaleem Zafar Bhatti


P.O.BOX 301




Phone: 0092 52 4 586408

Fax : 0092 52 4583101

Mobile: 0092 300 8611882

E-Mail: or


Hands up, 2v2 mini tournement this sunday????

Time again to get your game on.
Step 1: Write your name on paper...
Step 2: Drink...
Step 3: Names will be drawn in pairs, Any bull shit teams will be reordered aka Neil (The Grandady and Steph (The Wall) Waterhouse (by popular consenses)...
Step 4: Drink...
Step 5: Play some Polo...
Step 6: Drink...
Step 7: Burritooooooooooo

So place your interest if you'd like this to happen, bring some friends to play if you can more the merry might even try get a lunch T'd up.

Brought to you by the letter S.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

BISA Community Ride Sunday

Polo is on as usual this Sunday but beforehand you may like to take part in the BISA Community Ride

Community Ride for Adelaide's Future - Sunday October 17

The ride begins at Whitmore Square on Morphett Street in the City's southwest at 11:00am. This casual ride will loop through the city's main streets before finishing near the botanic gardens for a picnic around 12pm
BYO Bike, food, drink and spring costume.

Polo will be played at the usual "Daylight Savings" time of 2pm afterwards.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Thursday Night Polo

ABPC - Thursday Night Polo from Eeno on Vimeo.

Temporary Tattoo Sunday

Hi Kids,
Its that time again time for a strange last minute theme. This one comes to you from the deep bowels of Sams brain space.

**Temporary Tattoo Sunday**
Raid you old Bubblegum Supplies, start rifling though your draws, hit up the local office works for a Sharpie(tm), and get to giving yourself and each other a tattoo for day (and if your Colin work tomorrow hehe).

Entrants will be most awesome, none Entrants will feel the wraith of Terrible Toms Sharpie(tm) as he gives you something to remember him by Argghhhh.

There may also be after polo BBQ up at the playground cooker after the games, so bring beer, Duh! and something to burn warning we have vego's so be creative.

Peace Out Yall.

Brought to you by the letter S.

p.s. Zombie walk Saturday night check it out and go you evil rotting bastards.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

NPR - how to cross a bridge unicycle style

source and some more pics to put the bridge in perspective