Saturday, November 22, 2008

Rules of Bike Polo

PoloInfo and The Rules

What to bring?
A sturdy bike
Your helmet
A mallet, if you have time to build one. (6 mallets will be available for use)
Gloves recommended
Beverages of your choice
A friend, the more the merrier
A sense of humour.

What to expect?
Bikepolo is a semi-contact sport and spills do happen. However, the pace of the game is slower than most people expect so injury is uncommon. There are only 3 players in a team.

A few safety rules.
Wear a helmet
No T-boning other bikes. Parallel contact, bike on bike, player on player is allowed, no grabbing or pushing other players
Mallet must held be below handle bars at all times. Backswings must remain below seat height.
Malleting is strictly prohibited (thrusting your mallet through another bikes wheels)

The rules of the game:
1/ Rules may change for safety reasons
2/Teams will be selected schoolyard style. Preselected teams can be entered if desired.
3/ Games are played three on three.
4/ The direction of play and time of game/goal count will be decided at the coin toss.
5/The ball is hit with the end of the mallet and shuttled with the side of the mallet. To score a goal the ball must be hit with the end. A shuttled goal will not count.
6/ Dabbing (putting a foot down ) excludes that player from play until they "tap in" by touching a marker on the side of the court with their mallet. A player who is out of play cannot interfere with the ball, goals or other player until they "tap in"
7/ An out of play ball may be tossed back into play by a spectator
8/ The team that scores a goal must ride back around their own goal posts to allow the opposing team to control the ball to at least halfway.

All players and bystanders are responsible for their own actions and their own property. Please respect the property that we play on.

Bike polo can be considered an activity of a social gathering rather than a fully organised competition. If you know you exhibit antisocial behavoiur or extreme competetivness please leave those attributes at home.
Likewise, The Adelaide Bike Polo Club will be using community areas without official permission. If we have to move for any reason we will and we shall respect the rights and opinions of other community area users.

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