Thursday, May 13, 2010

Twilight Polozone: Sunday 23rd May

By general consensus we will play our first night time polo on Sunday 23rd of May.

Play will begin in daylight from about 2pm. I will be there a little earlier to try and get the lighting rigged up.
Lights on from 5:30pm and play till late.

I havent organised it but there should be a BBQ there for a fry up. Chuck a gold coin or two in for meat/tofu , some bread and onions. BYOG and bring heaps of new and old players.

All cycling groups welcome, we will play some newby matches to hone your polo skillz in a slower game or three.

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Eeno said...

BBQ & meat are organised.

any volunteers for doing the vego side of things?

Dmacuni said...

sweet, i can do some falafel and other vege kind of things!!
plus i might make some yummo sweetish kind of snacks to keep us polo'ing til the wee hours of the morning. back in adelaide late tonight, i'll be in touch. :)