Saturday, October 23, 2010

Polo Bike For Sale - Offers

I am trying to clear out some of the bits in my bike parts collection. Up for sale is this brand new polo bike made from second hand parts.
Made from quality 1010 crabon steel, (yes, now you can say you have a crabon polo bike!) the frame is of the "step-thru" design from the hippest taiwanese drawing boards. This crotchal safety feature makes unexpected dismounts a breeze or would suit the discerning lady player.

The bike also features a chrome plastic chainstay protector for that bit of bling which is complemented by the original rear wheel reflector for that streetwise peace of mind when you swerve home at night from post polo drinks.
Complete with polo specific "Straight-ND" fork, offset handlebars, dead true alumininminium (i.e. beer cans) rims and 28:19 drive ratio for extra speedy acceleration.
And for a short time this bike will also be offered with a complimentary rear V-Brake so you can also do some skidz.

The bike will be available for test rides at polo each Sunday until sold. Make me an offer!


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