Friday, October 8, 2010

Temporary Tattoo Sunday

Hi Kids,
Its that time again time for a strange last minute theme. This one comes to you from the deep bowels of Sams brain space.

**Temporary Tattoo Sunday**
Raid you old Bubblegum Supplies, start rifling though your draws, hit up the local office works for a Sharpie(tm), and get to giving yourself and each other a tattoo for day (and if your Colin work tomorrow hehe).

Entrants will be most awesome, none Entrants will feel the wraith of Terrible Toms Sharpie(tm) as he gives you something to remember him by Argghhhh.

There may also be after polo BBQ up at the playground cooker after the games, so bring beer, Duh! and something to burn warning we have vego's so be creative.

Peace Out Yall.

Brought to you by the letter S.

p.s. Zombie walk Saturday night check it out and go you evil rotting bastards.

1 comment:

Sam said...

Don't forget "6 6 6 the number of the beast!"