Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thats Sharp

The Australian National Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships 2009 have been announced. In brief, it is being hosted by the Melbourne crew on the 28th - 29th November. Check the full details at

The organisers have asked me approximately how many teams will be travelling so that they can organise the draw and accommodation. If you are interested in going please email me ASAP (ayesep). bikepolo.adelaide{at} Now is the time to form a team for the champs.

Hard Rubbish Heads Up: Some of the eastern suburbs around Kensington, Heathpool etc. have their heaps on the roadside. If it's anything like last time there should be plenty of free bikes and bits if you're quick.

Be sure to check out for all things that are good and cycling in and around Adelaide without being discipline specific. I should have a Bikepolo group on there shortly.

Our next game is this Sunday, 6th. The next one will be the on the 20th.

See you there!


Dan said...

I would quite possibly be interested in the melbourne tournament, need plenty of practice first though.

I went pretty systematically between greenhill and the parade, fullarton and st bernards and found very little of anything. Either it had not been put out yet, been picked up, or the GFC is make people hold onto their crap more.

mossko said...

Hey there, could you please update the url to point to

See you all there!

Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Mossko, thanks, post has been edited.

Dan, shame about the lack of bikes. Nats-wise, you are more than competent to kick some melburnians butts. You're on the team.

Solid_7 said...

I'm in but any news on billets and getting a bikes over. would be good to work it out before a week to go?

Anonymous said...

Solid_7, send me an email,


should be able to sort getting you and a bike across.