Tuesday, September 29, 2009

DIY Polo

As per usual, polo is on this Sunday. Unfortunately I wont be there to bring the edging down to set it up.
But there is a solution! The edging, goal cones, ball and spare mallets will be available to pick up from Riley's house. 224 Frome Street, in the city.

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A car can be useful to help shift it but, I am sure, with enough hands to help, it can be moved the 400 metres to the courts without much hassle.
I recommend that for a 2 o'clock start you should probably meet to pick it up around 1:30.

Setting up is pretty straight forward. Place the edging closer to the "tennis court" lines to give the basket-ballers some space. The short "legs" are cable-tied in between the "pairs". To pack up you will need a small screwdriver or pocket knife to undo the ties without cutting them. Undo the "legs" and the "pairs" will fold in half. There is no need to disassemble each joint. Return the edging to the above address. And make sure the ball is accounted for! It's the only one I have got.

Have fun, go hard! See you for the following game day.

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