Thursday, July 30, 2009

Time to sharpen up

Bike polo is going off in Adelaide! We have now played twice at the new venue with the full edging. This has improved game play remarkably and turnout has been really great. Sweeeet!

So polo is on this Sunday at 2pm as usual. See the map in the previous post for the location if you havent been. Bring your bike, mallets provided.

I still have a few mallet heads and shafts for people to grab. Also have some more skipoles for $2 each. Strong and light.

Standby for an announcement regarding the Australian Bike Polo Championship Tournament...

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Angus Kingston said...


I started a site in Adelaide a few months ago called . It's a site for all bike lovers in Ade - and as it has evolved and membership grown the members are more likely riders who love bikes as a utility and as a piece of beauty as opposed to (but not ignoring) the lycra wearing sports cyclists.

I think many would be interested in Bike polo, and fixed/ singlespeed bikes. It was only after going down to Nth Adelaide Cycles and talking to Kim in the week that he told me you were playing every week.

We would love it if you wanted to join the site as a member to post your news and notifications of your events. If you look at the site you will see that sub, or niche, groups can be created by members to promote a unique form of cycling. I would welcome a 'Bike Polo' or Fixed gear group.

I also really want to get more fixed riders onto the site as well.

We're also on Twitter - @ade_cyclists and, while we have no affiliation and no commercial interest at all, we do have a good relationship with BISA and BikeSA.

Finally, we are thinking of organising a meet-up or swap meet of some kind in spring and as a part of that a demo match of bike polo would be interesting.

I will get down to see your matches soon.