Friday, December 26, 2008

Back by popular demand. The 2008 Bailout BikePolo Match. Sunday 28th 2pm, Edwards Park. Your last chance to play bike polo on a Sunday afternoon this year. Take home a free mallet at the end of the game (while stocks last)

Last Sundays session was a warm one yet the keen still ventured out into the sun. Judith showed with all her belongings on her back, she has found work in Lorne. Good luck with your travels, Judith, ride on.

The new mallets worked great, Reilly attempted to snap one of the poles (and a bystanding tree) but this was quickly fixed. Not so much luck with Kirra's bananarised rear wheel. Alex from Melbourne paid a visit to show us all how the game is played (or how much we really need to improve)

Tonight we had Critical Mass, 6:30pm at Victoria Square It was my first ride in such and event. A really good keen bunch of people you are and a really good turn out I thought considering the traffic was light, public holiday and all.
My one gripe: I think
our well intentioned statement is wasted on the car driving public if we choose to ignore traffic signals. I hate cars that run yellow and red lights deliberately. It would be great if we showed them that we respect the road rules as well.

Polo This Sunday, 28th! 2pm, Edwards Park.

Coming up in the new year will be a mallet construction guide and revised rules.


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