Friday, December 12, 2008

Good news for mallet builders.
I literally stumbled across a small supply of heavy duty 60mm polythene pipe. So tonight I have made six new mallets with 16mm aluminium handles and recycled, thirdhand bartape. These puppies should take some beating, and they are only marginally heavier than the wooden shitters we played with last week.

If you would like some mallet heads let me know and I will bring a quantity along next Sunday. The aluminium tube was sourced from Bunnings retailing for about $14 for 3 meters. The handles on the new mallets vary from 980mm to 1070mm. I used 75mm long ,3/16" pan-head screws with nyloc nuts to hold the heads on then cut the excess thread off with a hacksaw.

One of our players, Bonnie, is also involved in organising the Adelaide version of the Critical Mass movement. The next ride is on Boxing Day, Dec 26th. Find out more about it here

See you next Sunday

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