Saturday, August 21, 2010

Should this be our logo?

Your thoughts please.

Creating a logo for Adelaide Bike Polo has been long overdue and I have been fiddling around in photoshop. By all means, if you have an idea, suggestion or a full blown design get it posted up here.



Caff said...

Suggestion - do that shit in Illustrator (or some other vector program)!

I like the Maggie, but don't think you really need the full chainring locking it all in. Or consider having a couple of diff versions with and without it for different applications.

I thought you were called the Adelaide Mallet Exchange - I think that's heaps more interesting!

Anyway, I shall remove my Melbourne nose from your business ;)

Alexander said...

That's awesome bro.

I'll vectorise it and then we can do some more tweaking.

Alexander said...
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Alexander said...

Vectorised draft:

To edit as vector file, use an open source piece of software such as Inkscape.

Sam said...

Oh man, I had what I think is an awesome idea for a polo shirt. T-Rex chomping on mallets terrorizing a polo game. Has nothing to do with South Australia, but still think its awesome.

Neil said...

Thanks for the comments and suggestion, peeps.

Yeah, Photoshop aint good for vector graphics, (but hey, i am a boat builder not a graphic designer)
Thanks for the conversion Alex.

Ben had a suggestion of making it stencil friendly and simplifying the font for that purpose.

If anyone wants to have a hack at it you are most welcome!

Dan said...

Great place to start but I agree that it needs further refinement and simplification. I'll have a hack at it soon hopefully.
Love the T-rex idea too!