Thursday, August 12, 2010

No Polo Sunday

With our star players competing for world domination in Berlin and a handful of regulars not able to play this weekend polo is cancelled for this Sunday, 15th Aug.

The weather forecast was looking shite anyway.

To celebrate our anticipated success at the worlds we will resume normal weekly games on Sunday 22nd August, at our 1pm winter time.

If you want to follow whats going on in Berlin from today through to the thrilling finale on Sunday check out these sites below thread one, thread two, Trash talk

#whbpc on Twitter


Sam said...

ACME 53 in the qualifying rounds.

Neil said...

Yes, now its Pickup til they drop

Top Centre from melb 45th,
Wombatz, Syd 51st
Polocalyspe Now (Aus hybrid) 64th (ouch)

ACME! Calling all members of ACME!
We need first hand updates!!

Solid_7 said...

its in the works, just need to get internet on a computer which probably wont be till I get back.