Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Spotted at the NAHCBPC

I think it was the flannel shirt


Solid_7 said...

Shirts a give away, nice to see Dan getting some practice.
I see new mallets too. Hmmm

Dan said...

Yeah I've been getting a little practice around the place, we (Dan and Devan from SF) managed to get equal 17th of 66 in the NAHBC tournament. Have also played the last three nights here in Toronto.
That mallet is dead unfortunately, still have the head but need a new pole.

ps: that shirt will likely never be worn again: 3 days of polo in ~35C weather took it's toll!

Neil said...

Nice. Polo envy at this end.

If you get a chance can you please write up on the blog your impressions of the style of international play?

Dan said...

There is a draft in the works.

Did you guys get the email I sent from before the NAHBC?

Neil said...

Yep. I can publish that if you like but it has "personal" details in it...

Shit! Worlds are only two weeks away! Even I am getting butterflies.

Dan said...

Don't worry Neil, you'll survive!
Can edit it an publish if you like, or i'll finish the post I have started, just can't say for sure when.