Thursday, June 24, 2010

San Diego

San Diego Polo Crew

I was down in San Diego over the weekend and managed to find my way out to join in with the local polo crew. It was a small turnout with only 5 players out there, myself included, but we played a rotating game with 5 players [when the team with 3 scored, the scorer would switch teams.
They were very welcoming to the new guy and I even managed to score a few goals against them!
It was a great afternoon with some fun polo and awesome guys. Thanks lads!

Damon? AKA Hillbilly

My bike in polo trim [it's still an arduous transformation process].

Check out my Flickr for some more shots from this day and my trip so far.

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Hillbilly said...

Dan, glad you found us and had fun while you were in SD. I'm still jealous of your safe man. Good luck in Berlin.