Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bench Tournament Sunday, Come and Slay!

Its about time we ran our first tournament.

Bench Tournament, Easter Sunday. Be there 2pm sharp.

A "bench" is polo played in a similar manner to other goalsports. Gameplay is virtually the same except games are timed and have no goal limit.
Teams will be selected on the day and remain the same for the whole tournament.
Teams will have somewhere between 5 and 8 members (may revise this depending on who turns up).
3 members from each side start the game with the rest of the team on the bench.
You can sub on and off at anytime as long as there are a maximum three members on the court.

New rule: If a player scores a goal then they must sub off. (this rule designed to stop one player dominating on a court with multiple skill levels).

Games will be two 15 -20minute halves.
Each team will play each other team once.
Teams will be ranked on goals scored/conceded.
The two top teams will playoff in a final match for the Holy Grail of Bikepolo and a slab of piss.

There may be other prizes too

Pick-up matches afterwards if there is enough light/personal energy

See you on Sunday, nice and early, rain, hail or shine.


Eeno said...

Looks like we should have perfect weather for it!
"Sunday: Fine. Mostly sunny. Min 17, Max 30"

Fix Without Dix said...

I'm working on bringing a cohort of hecklers to bring life to this tournament. That means I won't be the one stereotypically loud American there....chances there might be other loud people too. YAY!