Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Anatomy of a Hardcourt Polo Bike

Just because we're taking a break from playing polo, doesn't mean we have to stop thinking about it. Here is some inspiration for mods to perform to your steel steed to turn it into a true hardcourt polo pony.


Pete said...

This is my bike! It cost me a bit under 900 USD after building. If anyone has any questions, I'm happy to answer them, shoot me a message on leagueofbikepolo (username = pete).

Polo on!

Eeno said...

Awesome bike, I'm a notorious mallet bender so I'm going to steal your idea for padding the down tube :-)

Are you running fixed or free?

Tim D. said...

Pete rides freewheel. While MKE Bruisers and Jousts are awesome, honestly ride a decent wheelset. That's the biggest thing in polo. That, and a low ratio. Not many here ride fixed. I think our club is down to two.

Neil said...

Its only a matter of time before Eeno comes back from the dark side.

Go free, its liberating.