Monday, December 21, 2009

Sunday Polo

Another successful afternoon of polo was had by all this Sunday. We started the day grabbing a late breakfast at Nano's (and perving on some lovely fixed gear machines - although unfortunately their riders weren't keen on joining us for some mallet on mallet action). After some food and a much needed coffee we rolled down to the courts to commence play.

It was good to see most of the regular crowd in attendance, great to welcome Damon who was over from Melbourne, and even better to have a couple of first timers out having a hit. Not to mention the sizable number of spectators later in the afternoon :-)

The games followed the standard 3 vs 3 for most of the afternoon - until a one sided match was reshuffled into a 4 vs 2 format, which soon became 4 vs 3, and then 5 vs 3, before it degraded into a hectic polo free-for-all.

After the madness we retreated from the heat and took shelter at the Exeter to compare cuts from chainrings, bruises from mallets, and scrapes from tires over a healing beer (or two).

We'll be having a break from Wednesday evening Polo for the Holiday period, so the next Polo fix will be on Sunday the 3rd of January. See you all in the new year!


Dan said...

ya beat me to it, it was on my to do list.
I'm keen to see some of Damons' snaps.

Fixed Gear Antwerp said...


me and 2 fixie fanatics are touring across OZ in a van. we're in Adelaide for a week or so and we'd love to play a game and have a beer with you guys! we've got our own bikes and mallets so we're good to go!

would it be possible to organise a game this Sunday or any other day? send us a text on this number to work out the details: 0409 739 805

thanks and see you soon!

Chris, Tom & Nicky (aka the Belwegians)

Dan said...

I only just saw this comment so not sure if one of the other gents has got in touch with you guys (need to adjust the email notifications on here).
Darren got in contact with me and told me about you lads so the polo connection is already under-way anyhow.
We're trying out the Wednesday night game again and we'll be out there on Sunday, but i hear you'll be along for the Tuesday ride so I'll catch you there
-Dan [Rodan]