Thursday, December 3, 2009

Nationals Roundup

Polo is on this Sunday, 6th, same time and place.

Last weekend two Adelaide teams + supporters traveled to Melbourne for the Australian Hardcourt Bike Polo Champs, The Beaumont Children and Ivan Mallet. The event was excellent despite the intermittent downpours and occasional dispute. The original plan for each team to play the other 17 teams seemed achievable at the outset but by 4pm, after only 5 or 6 rounds, everyone was scratching their soaking scalps as to how we were going to get through the tournament in two days.

Sunday resumed with a re-organised Double Elimination tournament with the previous days results used for seeding the draw. A team could lose once but a second loss meant and end to the tournament for them.
Both The Beaumont Children and Ivan Mallet found their form and played through the morning showers for about 5 games each. After lunch both teams were dispatched, Ivan Mallet by Meat + 2 Veg of Melbourne and The Beaumont kids by Castlemaine. As a result both of our teams finished 5th equal. Awesome stuff guys!

Meat and 2 Veg went on to win the tournament, beating the international team Scheisse Katze.
The prize booty was exceptional with generous gifts from Velocity, Knog, Crumpler, Skin Grows Back etc.

The Beaumont Children were Stephen, Andrew and Morgan (from Oakland, California)
Ivan Mallet were Tom, Dan and Neil.
Steph and Sam (from Oakland CA) played in the last minute team The Good Ovary Times with Bec from Melbourne

The full results are at

Photos from the event are in the public pool

If you have photos of the event you can add your 15 best to the pool.

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See you all Sunday!

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