Sunday, November 23, 2008

In the last two weeks 150 of these cards have been placed on bikes and posters have been put in various bike stores around central and east Adelaide (thanks to Norwood, Trak, JT's, Lifecycle, Super Elliots, and Biomechanics). It has taken a few hours but I feel like there has been some good response and enthusiasm. Yesterday I handed my last card to a trio of bike messengers heading out of Rundle Street. They were so keen they were already heading to Bunnings to buy materials for polo mallets!
Also this weekend I have constructed a set of 6 mallets and bought some goal cones. I have a little bit more research to do regarding a suitable ball. The backyard cricket ball I have tested is a bit sticky and difficult to dribble. I was hoping to find a harder plastic hockey ball. If anyone has one of these please bring it along.
If you just got here please read the older posts for useful info.

Only two weeks to go!


Alex said...

Hi, greets from Melbourne. Well done on your PR, glad to hear you've got people keen to get it started. There was a busload of people in the carpark in Carlton today, having a watch and cheering and so on, I said 'come back next Sunday' and they said 'we're from Adelaide, hurr~' and I said 'I'm sure they're playing it there!' and would you have a look, dammit, you are. May I reccomend you check out the local toy stores as well as the sports shops for cheap hard rubber balls - a tennis ball taped up with some gaffer or electrical tape isn't so bad - otherwise send some spies into your local inline skate store and look for 'street hockey' balls. Anything that will withstand the occasional rollover from a bike ... just don't make a habit of it ;) -- Alex 4.o ps let us know if you want :D

judita invisible said...

nice, you even mentioned us, the trio!
we also had problems to find a hard ball and also ended up buying the sticky backyard cricket ball. im already feel bad i didnt bring a ball from backhome, but its not so bad, needs more skills then :)
so, look forward to play on sunday. cheers judita