Sunday, November 9, 2008

Anyone for a game

Let there be bicycle polo in Adelaide. And so it came to be that the website for the Adelaide Bicycle Polo Club was created.

Welcome. You are probably this site/blogs first viewer and, perhaps, second player.


Bicycle Polo is the mechanised equivalent of traditional polo with far fewer rules. 3 cyclists per team formed on the day, played on hard court, with frequent stops to sip coffee or swill beer. Any bike is a candidate (but don't bring your $10K carbon roady) and any cyclist can be a mallet wielding player. Cycle couriers, commuters, mountainbikers,track hounds, sunday streeters.. Bike polo is not just another way to hit a ball through goal posts, it is a collective of those who appreciate the diversity and social aspects of bicycle culture.

Bike polo has been played in a reasonably organised fashion in Melbourne for about a year and is taking off.
You can find much information there about rules and such.

Adelaide Bike Polo is in its infancy and is on a recruitment drive.
If you are interested in playing in this very casual and laid back sport, most likely on sunday afternoons in an as-yet-undetermined inner city carpark/netball court send a quick message or questions to
and to be on the mailing list.

I will be updating this from time to time with more information and tidbits. If you feel so inclined, subscribe to the feed.


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