Wednesday, September 22, 2010

AHBPC 2011 Results

Here are the results for the second Australian Hardcourt Bike Polo Nationals. A full writeup of the weekend will be coming shortly...

1st Johnny Crash (Melbourne)
2nd Screaming Baguettes (Sydney)
3rd The German Bells (Brisbane)
4th That's what she said (Adelaide)
5th Dumpster Babies (Brisbane)
5th Piss Corner Polo (Perth)
7th Mallet of cocktails (Sydney)
7th Readheaded Pikey Bus Drivers (Brisbane)
9th Local (Brisbane)
9th Skidzophrenic (Adelaide)
9th Horses would die (Melbourne)
9th Majestic Pink Shafts (Brisbane)
13th Melbourne TBA (Melbourne)
13th Fixie GC (Gold Coast)
13th Crazy 88s (Melbourne)
13th Monkey Mallet (Perth)
17th Team College (Brisbane)
17th Donkey Punch (Brisbane)
17th Shit City Polo (Perth)
17th Zissou (Brisbane)


Dan said...

Great results, congratulations everybody!

Europa said...

4th, well done!

Skidophrenic - obviously nobbled by them dastardly Victorians.

Well done (not that I was jealous at not being able to go ... much)

Sam said...

Way to be awesome ADELAAAAAIDE!