Saturday, April 24, 2010

Content Dump

My follow polo freaks have expressed concern about my lack of blog contributions of late, to address this issue here is some content stolen from various sources:
  • A great wrap up video produced by/for Brooks, it's a great one to introduce the newbies to our great game:

  • One of the pre-eminent web polo sites Doug D's Hardcourt Bike Polo has changed the format of his content and withdrawn a little (still posting quite regularly though) but before dong so he published a quite extensive list of international polo sites. Check it out here (and check the site that tops the list!)
  • Has everyone seen this yet? One of the most definitive signs that polo is gaining momentum and moving out of the underground: Eighth Inch's new mallet head, I'm pretty keen to check out one of these, the price isn't bad either (US$20)

  • Yorgo has posted some coverage from his trip to Sexy Polo Beer Amigo tournament in Barcelona. I love this tattooed saddle and agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment! Be sure to check out the videos of some great goals, including one from a wheel flick!
  • One for the gear-freaks: an ongoing thread on London Fixed Gear covering component recommendations and reviews.


Neil said...

Nice link, that last one.

Dan said...

it's getting a bit too dense to really be very helpful now though

Fix Without Dix said...

I have to say I have a bit of a problem with the prefabricated mallet head. One of the many aspects of why I love polo so much is that it is a DIY sport. People create their own polo bikes and design their own mallet based on personal preference. The oncoming trend of having a mass produced "polo bike" or mallet head takes away a bit of the fun part of polo for me, and makes polo a sellable commodity. I am all for people gaining interest in polo and the popularity it is getting, but I would kinda like it to keep with its roots.

Neil said...

Agreed. Also it wont play near anywhere as well as the "Golden Wonder" as it wont be able to piss Dan off so much...

Although, with my new found, quality welding skillz (and fork straightening skillz) I might find a market for polo specific frames. Would you like to buy one Sam?