Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wednesday Night Polo

wed night polo 13jan 3

We played again last night in the market carpark and had a healthier turnout this time around, including the international contingent of Nicky, Chris and Tom from Fixed Gear Antwerp.

wed night polo 13jan 1

While the venue has some down sides relative to the usual court, they are all minor things that we are working on solutions for, the foremost [for me at least] is making the ball more visible [check the lead photo for a game of spot-the-ball], someone mentioned glowing balls at one point, does anyone have any ideas about availability?

wed night polo 13jan 2

One of the questions that was answered last night was that of the stance of the security in there, thankfully that merely rolled up, had a quick look, and gave us a cheerful wave before leaving us to our own devices.

wed night polo 13jan

We're going to be playing each Wednesday night from now on for some midweek malleting so come out and join us.


Neil said...

a solution to the "dark ball" syndrome:

They even ship to AU.

Jonno said...

The glowing balls are great for visibility but are a cold weather compound so soft as soft.
The only way to successfully use them is straightout of the esky and then you're only good for a few minutes.

- Wall, PCP